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Convegni e Seminari - 2006

Mosca, 16-17 novembre 2006: - International Conference: Moon Base, a Challenge For Humanity

Italy has gained a position of excellence in the development of Orbital Systems, subsystems and engineering support activities all related to the manned missions (e.g. ISS). Deep and good collaborations have been established with the other European Countries, including Russia, and with USA.
All those conditions will assure to Italy the opportunity of a possible relevant role in the Space Human Exploration Program, starting from Moon Base that represents one of the most relevant challenge for the entire Humanity.

Mosca, 13-16 giugno 2006: - Convegno: XIII th Conference On Space Biology and Aerospace Medicine

The conference is a traditional Russian quadrennial forum. The program for 2006 is to discuss the scientific data accumulated since the previous conference, i.e. in the period from 2002 till present day. The scope of the conference will embrace the biological, physiological and medical subjects directly relating to aviation, and space exploration by humans. Some other subjects such as information technologies , and systems and methods for space biology and aerospace medical research will be also put in the program of discussion.


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